Life changing……….really???

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A couple of days ago I was wearing my t-shirt that proclaims the message “I NEED COFFEE,” in about 3 inch high letters across the front.  I was running some errands at the time, and as I approached the checkout of the particular store I was in, the employee at the register noticed my shirt.  He then proceeded to ask me if I had tried the affogato that Central Market was offering. Now, I had no idea what affogato was, besides maybe a snooty cat food imported from South America (gato…….cat…….never mind, it will hit you later).  None the less, I tried to appear as if I knew exactly what he was talking about.  I guess my face told the whole story because he informed me that affogato is a coffee-based dessert that consists of your choice of gelato drowning in a few shots of espresso.  He then summed up his explanation of this supposedly amazing treat with very dramatic hand gestures, wide eyes, and three words…….LIFE……..CHANGE…….ING!!


I was struck by those words.  Life changing.  How could this concoction be life changing?  I mean really it’s just a fancy ice cream with a few squirts of pure adrenaline over the top.  How is that going to change my life (except that I might turn into Hammy from Over the Hedge)?


Now I know you matter-of-factors out there are thinking, “He was just trying to get the message across of how tasty this treat is.  Why are we splitting hairs?”  I know that he was trying to make the point that this particular treat was off the charts tasty.  I also know that I have been guilty of using over exaggeration when trying to explain something that I am excited about.  However, those words really got me thinking.  Have we really come to the point of assigning words like “life changing,” “life altering,” and “awesome” to such things as coffee and ice cream?  This got me pondering the question “what things or events really are life changing?”


How about this?  You attend an event in a remote location with about 10 to 15 thousand other people.  Dinner time rolls around and the sounds from your stomach become louder than the speaker you have come to listen to.  Then you realize that you forgot to pack any snacks.  However, word starts circulating that the key note speaker has prayed over a measly five loaves of bread and two fish, and your portion will be coming to you momentarily.  Everyone eats until full……..and there are leftovers!!  LIFE CHANGING.


Or this one…..Your neighbor’s daughter has just died and you are at their house with all of the other mourners, still in shock over the sudden loss of this young life.  Suddenly, a man of authority walks through the front door, parting the crowd as he makes his way to her bedroom.  This man takes the girl by the hand and she stands up!!  LIFE CHANGING.


Or this little gem……You find yourself standing before the judge, guilty as charged.  The sentence is death.  But, just like any good courtroom drama, the back doors swing open just before the gavel comes down and a man walks down the center aisle until he is positioned right in front of the judge.  With a look of love on his face that you have not seen from anyone else in your lifetime, he informs the judge that he will take your place on death row even though he is completely innocent.  The shackles are removed and you leave the courtroom free of all charges!!  LIFE CHANGING.


Of course Jesus Christ is the one I’m speaking of.  I think I will skip the affogato, and I’ll take a huge scoop of Jesus with some love, joy, and peace poured over the top, and watch as he changes my life!

*The events referenced above can be found in Matthew 14:13-21, Matthew 9:18-26, and Romans 5:6-8.

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